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The U.S. Election robertll 04/28/2006
Pipes and WMDs robertll 04/28/2006
Of Polygraphs and Other Things robertll 04/25/2006
Shouldice Hospital robertll 04/24/2006
Blog Closing Down? robertll 04/24/2006
Immigration in the U.S. robertll 04/14/2006
Get Happy robertll 04/08/2006
The Globe is so ... Perfect, Don't You Find? robertll 04/08/2006
Surprising Cicero robertll 04/07/2006
Observations on Canada robertll 04/07/2006
Glenn Reynolds: Liberty on Earth or Homesteading on Mars? robertll 04/01/2006
Abdul Rahman robertll 03/25/2006
Bush's Condition robertll 03/24/2006
How Far Ireland Has Come robertll 03/19/2006
Nobody here but us slightly dull reporters robertll 03/18/2006
IED's from Iran to Iraq? robertll 03/18/2006
The U.S. Ports robertll 03/18/2006
WMDS will never go away robertll 03/13/2006
Videoblogging, etc. robertll 03/12/2006
Skidelsky on Strauss robertll 03/05/2006
Ailment from Running robertll 03/04/2006
Hitchens on ... History robertll 03/04/2006
Canada Doesn't Suck in Winter Games robertll 02/26/2006
TR as seen by a Brit robertll 02/25/2006
Maxims based on war robertll 02/25/2006
Glucosamine and Arthritis robertll 02/25/2006
Updates on Iraq robertll 02/25/2006
Bush and Iran robertll 02/23/2006
Overview of U.S. Politics, cont'd robertll 02/23/2006
Overview of U.S. Politics robertll 02/21/2006
More Ailments robertll 02/20/2006
Back to Grey and World War I robertll 02/18/2006
Best Cheney Lines robertll 02/17/2006
Go Raptors robertll 02/14/2006
Brief Comment on the Shooting robertll 02/14/2006
Western Chronology: Still Crazy After All These Years? robertll 02/11/2006
Zakaria on the New Middle East robertll 02/11/2006
Abramoff and Reid robertll 02/11/2006
Rick Mercer robertll 02/10/2006
Peggy Noonan Comes Through Again robertll 02/10/2006
Michael Jackson, 1993 robertll 02/05/2006
Sistani: Statesman of Iraq robertll 02/05/2006
Raptors: Jalen Rose for A.D., 3 Wins in a Row robertll 02/04/2006
Was Revealing NSA Program Dangerous? A Crime? robertll 02/04/2006
Another Liberal Scandal? robertll 01/31/2006
Global Warming, 2006 robertll 01/29/2006
The Causes of World War I robertll 01/28/2006
Small Canadian Political Joke robertll 01/26/2006
Hugo Chavez--Al Qaeda Link? robertll 01/24/2006
Gore: Be Ye Men of Valour robertll 01/17/2006
Raptors: Another Candidate for Best Game robertll 01/15/2006
The Canadian Election robertll 01/15/2006
Irving Layton R.I.P. robertll 01/08/2006
Mark Steyn's Slightly Weird Case for War robertll 01/07/2006
Munich: Did the Israelis Kill the Wrong Guys? robertll 01/07/2006
Did the NY Times Hurt National Security? robertll 01/06/2006
Endless War? robertll 01/05/2006
Raptors: Best Game Ever? robertll 01/05/2006
Raptors: 7-7 for December robertll 01/01/2006
What Will Iraq Veterans Be Like? robertll 12/30/2005
How Clueless was Bush? robertll 12/28/2005
Questions about Iraq robertll 12/28/2005
Yoo on Foreign Policy and War robertll 12/27/2005
Joe Dante robertll 12/25/2005
Almost Seasonal Quotes robertll 12/25/2005
Evelyn Waugh and the Magi robertll 12/23/2005
Raptors: Two Wins in a Row Again! robertll 12/23/2005
Canada's Tories and Quebec robertll 12/21/2005
Iraq, Post-Election robertll 12/21/2005
Bush's Eavesdropping robertll 12/19/2005
Electronic Surveillance, Privacy and Technology robertll 12/18/2005
Patriot Act and Domestic Spying robertll 12/18/2005
The U.S. Ambassador robertll 12/16/2005
How Mean Have We Been to Dogs? robertll 12/14/2005
Please Mr. Sistani: Be Gentle robertll 12/11/2005
Raptors: Two Wins in a Row robertll 12/04/2005
Oh Good: An Air War robertll 11/27/2005
Toward an Overview of Iraq robertll 11/27/2005
Canadians in the News robertll 11/25/2005
Reconciliation for Insurgents robertll 11/24/2005
Are We Being Lied to about Zarqawi? robertll 11/24/2005
Waterboarding and "Cold Cell" are forms of torture robertll 11/22/2005
Machiavelli and the U.S. robertll 11/17/2005
Boomers and Health robertll 11/16/2005
Parties and Ideologies robertll 11/13/2005
The Democrats robertll 11/13/2005
The beginning of the war robertll 11/12/2005
Torture Again robertll 11/11/2005
France: Too Much Welfare State robertll 11/11/2005
The WMDs Debate is back robertll 11/11/2005
Chalabi, Niger, Italy robertll 11/10/2005
In Need of Comic Relief? It's Chalabi Time! robertll 11/10/2005
Can You Have a Circus Without Elephants? robertll 11/05/2005
Pandemics, Fear of Pandemics, and Education robertll 11/02/2005
Cheney and Rumsfeld robertll 11/02/2005
Woodrow Wilson robertll 10/31/2005
Alito robertll 10/31/2005
Sauce for the Goose? robertll 10/30/2005
Powell vs. Rice robertll 10/24/2005
Cell Phones, etc. robertll 10/22/2005

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