Raptors: Two Wins in a Row Again! 

Raptors: Two Wins in a Row Again!

Wednesday (Dec. 21) in Houston:

Peterson 18 points, 5 rebounds. He did well defending Tracy McGrady. Bad news: 5/15 shooting from the field, 3/11 in 3-point shots. This guy loves to live and die by the trey.
Mike James, who used to play for Houston: 10 points, 3 rebounds. 8/16 from the field. Bosh, 17 points, 8 rebounds: 7/12 shooting: more than 50%! Graham, who played far fewer minutes, 10 points on 3/3 shoorting.

Dec. 19 in Orlando: Bosh and Peterson both 19; Rose 15. They do better when they spread the shooting around.

6 wins; still pretty pathetic. 5 of them on the road.

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