More Ailments 

More Ailments

I've been running since September--three times a week, alternating days with swimming, which I've been doing for longer.

I would sometimes get a sore heel after running, but it never seemed serious--never caused me to limp, or hesitate to walk, or anything.

Last Saturday I did what I consider my longer run, and in the afternoon my left heel hurt like crazy. Naturally, I went to the Internet. Almost certainly inflammation of the plantar fascia.

So in hindsight, I should have worked harder on getting good shoes. I thought I did well in spending almost a hundred bucks on a pair that fit really snugly--lots of support. But now it seems I need more support, and someone probably could have told me that.

In fact, the good news is that there's a lot of information around now. I'll probably skip a couple of runs, do some stretches, and get some inserts for my shoes. I iced both feet, especially the sore one, both Saturday and Sunday. The pain responded well to that plus iboprofen.

So: conservative treatment, prevention, back in action.

Meanwhile I'm getting a cold from the sickies I live with--I mean, my loved ones.

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