Canadians in the News 

Canadians in the News

1. Former Canadian Minister Of Defence Asks Canadian Parliament To Hold Hearings On Relations With Alien "Et" Civilizations

To paraphrase an old joke by George Stephanopoulos: There are aliens among us. Paul Hellyer proves it.

2.Black wants citizenship back
"Could allow transfer to Canada if he's convicted in U.S."
"Renounced country in 2001 to join British House of Lords"


Black founded the National Post, which in a way exemplified his love of words and writing, his sense of his own importance, and his desire to shape events in, yes, Canada. The editorial slant of the paper was satirized, I think by the lamented Frank magazine, as "Canada sucks."

He renounced his Canadian citizenship specifically to get into the House of Lords, but it was also consistent with his long-standing desire to be a big shot in both Britain and the U.S., leaving Canada in his wake.

And now this. Is he worried about spending time in a prison in the U.S., that paradise of meritocracy? "I want to take my stand in a country where I will be judged strictly by my own merits--where a man can climb as high as he wants and is able, but the same man might fall just as far--and learn to take it like a man."

"I don't want security blankets or safe landings. I hate them. They are what make social democracy--and that declining backwater, Canada--so contemptible in the eyes of thinking, resourceful, piglike yet strangely beautiful people throughout the English-speaking world, and indeed the entire right-thinking hemisphere of the globe."


The Toronto Star does this up nicely because they are so full of venom towards Black.

Black, who in a speech four years ago called his Canadian citizenship an "impediment to my progress in another, more amenable jurisdiction (Britain)," now contends the government should grant his request because his parents were born in Canada.

More on Black here and here.

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