Small Canadian Political Joke 

Small Canadian Political Joke


Scientists say they have discovered the world's smallest known fish in threatened swampland in Indonesia.

The fish, a member of the carp family, has a translucent body and a head unprotected by a skeleton.

According to researchers, the little fish live in dark, tea-colored water at least 100 times more acidic than rainwater. Such acidic swamps was once thought to harbor few animals, but recent research has revealed that they are highly diverse and home to many unique species.

They're called: Liberals.

More seriously, I don't think the election results in Canada show any groundswell for the Tories. They won some seats in Quebec, which is a big surprise. They barely gained in Ontario, and they have lost ground in B.C. It may even be true, as some Liberals are saying, that there was a Liberal majority there to be won, and Martin and his folks just blew it. Martin seemed old and pathetic.

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