Raptors: Two Wins in a Row 

Raptors: Two Wins in a Row

I'm enough of a fair-weather fan that I'm not going to blog about the Raptors if they do nothing but lose.

But this weekend: two wins in a row! The first time that's happened since April 7-8, 2000! (As the summary helpfully points out, back when Chris Bosh was 16 years old). Still only three wins on the season, but the trend, as they say, is positive.

Last night may have been the sweetest yet: 95-82 over New Jersey. Former star Vince Carter was held to 15 for NJ; Jason Kidd led that team with 17.

Bosh dominated, and that may be obscuring questions about many of the other Raptor players: 29 points, 20 in the first half, 13 rebounds in a game when none of his teammates had more than 6. Peterson had a season-high 24 points; hot and cold rookie Charlie Villanueva had 12. Probably the best news is that after the Raptors led by as much as 10 points late in the third, and NJ tied it with 4:11 remaining, the Raptors took the lead again and held it.

Friday night, much more of a squeaker: 102-101 over Atlanta. Bosh 23 points, Villanueva 22 with 10 rebounds. Six players in double figures. Raptors squandered a double-digit lead in the fourth, but held on to win.

Bosh 385 points, average 21.4
Mike James 267, average 15.7
Peterson 234, average 13.0
Villanueva 218, average 12.1
Jalen Rose 196, average 10.9

Rebounds: (still not enough charging to the basket?)
Bosh 181, average 10.10
Villanueva 112, average 6.2
Peterson 75, average 4.2
Rose 59, average 3.3
James 49, average 2.9

Noteworthy: Jose Calderon, played in all 18 games, started only 4: average 6.1 rebounds.

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