WMDS will never go away 

WMDS will never go away

The New York Times, which of course published a lot of Judy Miller's re-cycled White House/Chalabi crap about WMDs in Iraq, is now sifting through evidence about what senior people under Saddam knew and believed before March 2003. Remarkably, it is just possible that even some of them thought there might be some WMDs somewhere in Iraq.

Rich Lowry at the Corner jumps on this. See? It was all an honest misunderstanding of evidence which, in its own way, was very real.

UPDATE: Fred Kaplan provides an overview.

This strengthens the case that on WMDs in general, the Bushies were not lying, but clueless.

On nukes as opposed to nerve, chemical, etc., as well as on links to al Qaeda, I would venture to say, not clueless but lying.

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Mon Apr 3, 2006 3:45 pm MST by tim smith

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