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Chiropractic and Osteopathy robertll 10/15/2005
A Crime is a Crime? robertll 10/15/2005
Are Miers' Views a Complete Mystery? robertll 10/12/2005
Byron White? Lewis Powell? robertll 10/09/2005
A Cozzens Novel robertll 10/08/2005
Harriet Miers: Is it All About Abortion? robertll 10/03/2005
Another New Orleans Novel robertll 09/30/2005
The Hollinger Gang robertll 09/30/2005
A Good Day for Bruce Reed robertll 09/24/2005
The American Empire robertll 09/19/2005
A Great New Orleans Novel robertll 09/18/2005
Cure for a Dog's Leg? robertll 09/18/2005
Today is Hank Williams' Birthday robertll 09/17/2005
Good for Glenn Reynolds robertll 09/16/2005
Roberts robertll 09/16/2005
Campaigning vs. Governing robertll 09/12/2005
Mickey Kaus is a Democrat and Ann Coulter is a Republican robertll 09/12/2005
Belated Anniversary Memorial robertll 09/12/2005
Bush's Defenders: In the Foxhole At Last robertll 09/10/2005
Style by Jury robertll 09/09/2005
Universal Hitchens robertll 09/09/2005
Rehnquist Remembered robertll 09/09/2005
Noises in the Dark in New Orleans robertll 09/05/2005
Bush, the Republicans, and New Orleans robertll 09/03/2005
New Orleans, er, Music robertll 09/03/2005
Hitchens again robertll 08/28/2005
The U.S. and the UN robertll 08/26/2005
Federalism in Iraq robertll 08/26/2005
Movie Magic robertll 08/26/2005
Iraq and U.S. Politics robertll 08/26/2005
Iraq: United, or Breaking into Pieces? robertll 08/26/2005
Seipp, the Old South, and Islamic militants robertll 08/22/2005
Kingsley Amis (and Waugh) robertll 08/21/2005
Is PowerPoint dumbing us all down? robertll 08/21/2005
My Summer robertll 08/19/2005
Nobel Peace Prize for Sharon robertll 08/18/2005
Iraq Round-Up robertll 08/12/2005
Waugh Again robertll 08/09/2005
Did Truman have to drop (2) nukes? robertll 08/05/2005
Shiites Taking Over Iraq? robertll 08/05/2005
Bush on Steroids? robertll 08/04/2005
Two Movies robertll 08/21/2005
More Waugh robertll 08/01/2005
End of Terror in Ireland? robertll 07/30/2005
I turned around to look at Woodstock and .... robertll 07/31/2005
Recruitment robertll 07/30/2005
What's Funny About the Dutch? robertll 07/23/2005
Creationists robertll 07/22/2005
More on Outlaw Mormons robertll 07/22/2005
What to do about Terror robertll 07/19/2005
Another Movie robertll 07/17/2005
Joe Wilson's Career robertll 07/17/2005
Domestic Terror robertll 07/16/2005
Life of Brian robertll 07/16/2005
Finding Terrorists robertll 07/16/2005
Iraq and Iran robertll 07/10/2005
Prophecy: Biblical and other robertll 07/17/2005
Hitchens losing it robertll 07/06/2005
A Few Days Off robertll 07/16/2005
Shelby Foote and Lincoln robertll 07/12/2005
Security Without Sacrifice? robertll 07/06/2005
Movies robertll 06/28/2005
The War of the Roses robertll 06/25/2005
Busy robertll 06/25/2005
Global Warming for the nth time robertll 06/24/2005
Regimes that Harbour Terra robertll 07/07/2005
Guantanamo, etc. robertll 06/18/2005
New Article robertll 06/16/2005
Reading robertll 06/15/2005
Jonathan Swift in the News? robertll 06/10/2005
Mark Felt? robertll 06/04/2005
Bob Crosby, etc. robertll 06/04/2005
Kind of Like Starting Again robertll 06/04/2005
Leaving the U.S. Constitution (for now) robertll 06/04/2005
Gaddis on WMDs robertll 05/23/2005
Gaddis on Bush robertll 06/04/2005
Can Words Hurt? robertll 05/23/2005
Belinda Stronach robertll 05/17/2005
Canadians are Overrated robertll 05/15/2005
School Year Wrap-Up robertll 05/12/2005
Olivieri and Clinical Trials robertll 05/09/2005
Steely Dan and others robertll 05/09/2005
Bob Hunter, R.I.P. robertll 05/06/2005
The Chinese in North America robertll 04/28/2005
A Few Minutes with the Prime Minister robertll 04/23/2005
Woodrow Wilson robertll 04/23/2005
Busy Times robertll 04/19/2005
Jerry Garcia--Pirate? robertll 04/10/2005
Another Boomer Movie robertll 04/10/2005
Was the Pope More Loved than Feared? robertll 04/09/2005
Clueless or Lying? (Cont'd) robertll 04/10/2005
The Liberals--Forbidden Fruit robertll 04/05/2005
Poor Charles robertll 04/05/2005
The Pope robertll 04/02/2005
Federalism and Rights in the U.S. robertll 04/05/2005
Turns of Phrase robertll 04/01/2005
Recommendation robertll 04/01/2005
Change of Heart? robertll 03/27/2005
Music and a Musical robertll 04/01/2005
Do Patients Lie? robertll 03/26/2005

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