The Democrats 

The Democrats

Whatever exactly Bush's problems are, it's no doubt true that the Democrats have problems of their own. The reason they want to harp on whether Bush lied is that they hope this might unite them, and help them move on. Those Democrats who voted for the Resolution (not necessarily for war) can say they were lied to, thus uniting them with those Democrats (vociferous, and good at raising money) who have been against the war all along.

However this is resolved, the Democrats are probably still going to have to explain what they propose in Iraq right now and for the future. My suspicion is that a lot will still be going on in Iraq on Election Day 2008. If a Democrat is somehow elected, he or she will have to remain engaged for some time. They will not dare to show weakness, etc.--once again, echoes of Vietnam, but with the parties reversing their roles.

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