Raptors: Jalen Rose for A.D., 3 Wins in a Row 

Raptors: Jalen Rose for A.D., 3 Wins in a Row

Feb. 3: 104-90 over the Knicks, Rose's new team.

Bosh: 29 points, 7 rebounds.
Villanueva: 18 points, 9 rebounds.
Peterson: 21/4.
James: 15/2, with 10 assists.
Sow: 6/4.
Woods: 4/8.

The Raptors actually only shot 43% in 2-point field goals, as against 49% for the Knicks. Much better in free throws, and out-rebounded the Knicks 42-34. 15-3 in fast break points.

Jan. 29 in Toronto, 124-123 over the Kings. Rose scored the buzzer-beater for the win, despite having a 4 for 14 game with 13 points.

Feb. 1: 117-112 over the Wizards. Bosh 33, 13 rebounds. James 29, Villanueva 18.

Raptors now 17-30. Teams with worse records in Eastern: Knicks, Atlanta, Charlotte. Western: Portland and Houston also have 17 wins.

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