Style by Jury 

Style by Jury

I watched a bit of this show with my wife after supper this evening. An attractive woman acts and walks as if he is lacking in self-esteem. She admits that this is true, that she feels ugly. A jury pretty much tells her she is ugly.

The experts take over. The glasses are gone, which makes a big difference. Sexy clothes--surprise! she has a nice figure, etc. Some teeth work, and a mole is removed from her face. They try to deliver an upbeat message, as if anybody can look beautify if they have the right attitude. It's not primarily the superficial stuff, or something. Her boyfriend is blown away at the end.

I was reminded of that episode of Cheers in which Cliff (somehow) has a girlfriend. He's very happy with her, but he wishes she would experiment with a bit of makeup. He asks Rebecca for advice. She says: you're a mailman, you must know about those before and after features in the women's magazines. Yeah, he says. She screams: THEN WHAT ARE YOU BUGGING ME FOR?

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Comment I was doing some research on the show Style by Jury because I was actually going to be a contestant. The person interviewing me didn't tell me what the show was going to be about. She just tried to sell me on the 30,000 dental veneers! And some crap about "personal transformation" I'm glad I didnt go for it. I like myself too much to publicly humiliate myself like that. These shows are a menace!

Mon Aug 28, 2006 9:12 am MST by Anonymous

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