Noises in the Dark in New Orleans 

Noises in the Dark in New Orleans

William Saletan on Slate:

But the role of criminals, and of malice generally, has been inflated. Initial reports of rapes at the Superdome were uncorroborated. Putative witnesses later said they had inferred the rapes from noises in the dark.

From Graham Greene, The Power and the Glory (a novel I find very moving):

The renegade priest is locked in a prison cell with many other people, in total darkness.

Suddenly, from about five feet away, there came a tiny scream--a woman's. A tired voice said, 'Can't you be quiet?' Among the furtive movements came again the muffled painless cries. He realized that pleasure was going on even in this crowded darkness.

Somewhere against the far wall pleasure began again; it was unmistakable: the movements, the breathlessness, and then the cry. The pious woman said aloud with fury, 'Why won't they stop it? The brutes, the animals!' ... 'It's mortal sin.'

The priest: 'We don't know. It may be.'

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