Cure for a Dog's Leg? 

Cure for a Dog's Leg?

More than two years ago our Westie hurt one of his rear legs--wouldn't put any weight on it at all. The vet said it was a ligament, not that different from a human one ("cruciate" because they cross over), and on such a young dog (6 at the time) surgery was recommended. $1500, a very slow recovery during which the dog has to be prevented from over-using the leg. Everything seemed fine.

Six months ago, it seemed to be happening again with the other rear leg--but it was inconsistent; sometimes Hero would put some weight on the leg. One vet said it wasn't the ligament, another said it might be. For a while Hero was on a prescription drug, but then my wife started buying "Nupro Joint Support--All Natural Dog Supplement with Glucosamine Complex."

All I can say is, this stuff seems to have worked. Hero seems fine.

We've also been warned that Hero is certain to end up with arthritis because of the surgery, whereas without the surgery that might only have been fairly likely. Maybe the Nupro will help with that too.

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