Poor Charles 

Poor Charles

I swear I heard a news headline somewhere, on the day the Pope died, saying the wedding of Charles and Camilla would not be postponed. Then, the next day, it definitely was postponed. Another fiasco.

Who would actually give the order that Charles postpone the, er, happy occasion, and get his ass to Rome? The Queen? More to the democratic point, Tony Blair?

It may be a bit like the Robin Cook story. I haven't read the book by the bitter ex-wife, but apparently Cook and his then wife were at one of the airports, like Heathrow, planning a romantic holiday to see if they could patch up the marriage one more time. He was a busy Minister, and a notorious adulterer whose affairs had made news. He actually got a phone call while they waited. Some young fart-catcher working for Blair at the PMO said: your love life is in the news again this morning. We doubt the public cares, and we certainly don't care, which woman you choose, wife or mistress, but you must choose one, right now, or you are out of Cabinet. Cook thought, and said "mistress," then went and told his wife that the vacation, and the marriage, were off.

That may be the Tony Blair who told Charles...exactly what was going to happen on Saturday.

Now the little enthusiasm that might have existed for the nuptials has been drained away. Many people are thinking: just show up in the lobby of City Hall, aske people to make a little room, and get it over with in about 10 minutes. Don't take too long--it's a busy place.

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